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TAEL was founded in 2023 in response to the ever-increasing demand for cat and dog behaviour services. Having spent the previous two years starting and running a successful dog walking business, the time had come to begin focusing my attention more on behaviour consulting and extending my services to felines. TAEL is a strictly force free organisation which means you won't find shock collars or spray bottles in our arsenal! A strong emphasis is placed on your pet's mental wellbeing and overall happiness by incorporating enrichment and life skills into their daily life.

I am currently undertaking an Applied Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management with Compass UK and intend to go on to become a fully certified Cat Behaviour Consultant and Dog Behaviour Consultant with IAABC. I have completed feline and canine courses with many recognised educational bodies including AniEd, Creedons College, iCatCare, Canine Principles, Dog Training College and IAABC. I have also produced content showcasing a variety of enrichment activities for Geppaw, a Spanish app with a global audience.

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