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Hi, I'm Meg! I'm a cat mum, animal behaviour consultant, dog walker, enrichment provider, poop scooper, treat dealer, frisbee thrower, and belly scratcher. I've been working in the animal industry since 2020 and started a successful dog walking business, Waggy Walkies, in 2021. Since then, I have walked a lot of dogs, studied for many hours, and made a lot of furry friends. In 2023 I rebranded my business to TAEL and with it launched my behaviour consultancy services which extend to felines as well as canines. I believe in a force-free approach to animal behaviour, which means you won't find any shock collars or spray bottles here. Instead, I prioritise your pet's mental wellbeing and overall happiness by incorporating enrichment and life skills into their daily routine. I offer a range of services, including behaviour consultancy, dog walking, and home visits. My goal is to help your pet live their best life by addressing any behavioural issues they may have and providing them with the tools they need to thrive. I am currently undertaking an Applied Diploma in Animal Behaviour Management with Compass UK and intend to go on to become a fully certified Cat Behaviour Consultant and Dog Behaviour Consultant with IAABC. I have completed numerous feline and canine courses with many recognised educational bodies including AniEd, Creedons College, iCatCare, Canine Principles, Dog Training College, Hippocampus Online, and IAABC. I have also produced content showcasing a variety of enrichment activities for Geppaw, a Spanish app with a global audience. I am fully insured and a proud member of IVBA and IAABC.

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